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Data-driven planning increases transparency and delivery capability at Coop

Offers of the week. Seasonal items. Holidays. Buying patterns and weekly cycles. Illness and courses. There are many factors to take into account when Coop plans the distribution of goods to its stores.

Increased transparency and delivery capability at Coop
Due to a modest development in the retail trade, more foreign discount chains and the spread of meal subscription boxes, the competition on the market has become fiercer over the past few years. As a result, continued streamlining is necessary in all parts of the organisation.

Therefore, Coop has – among other things – complemented the existing ProMark installation with the management information module ProBI. Thus, they have achieved a consistent IT system that consolidates planning data and makes it available whenever and wherever it should be used. This valuable insight provides the foundation for faster and much better decisions and helps to balance capacity and load.

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